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HP - Snaco - Hallway

You're afraid, Draco.

Fangirling and drawing ahoy!

But, really, every time I watch that scene, I squee a little more. What? This one, of course:

I pretty much know it by heart now. I. Just. Y'know... Draco.. Snape.. <3 And the fact that I am a huge Alan Rickman-fan doesn't exactly make it any worse.. or better, depending on how you look at it. The throwing-into-the-wall, the way they speak. I have pages of these, I could go on.

But I'll spare you. However, I bring chibis!

Pairing: Severus/Draco
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Draco is a slut






: D *Sneaks snaco sneakily into your brain*
That is absolutely BRILLIANT. His wee little naked chest! \0/

(Also, thank you again for the art. :D I'm still squeeing and flailing. *g*)
Ooh yay! Thankyou~ :D

(I'm just really glad you liked it. Making other people happy makes me happy. 8D)
Hahaha! Chibi Draco is showing skin!

I'm friending for the lovely artses. I came here from femmequixotic's journal and the beautiful drawing you did there.
Draco is a naugty little chibi. o.o

Oooh, yay!
cute pic :)
Thankyou. ^w^