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7th Jan, 2013

FFXII - Franbutt

Oh, hey!

I thought my LJ was dead and I was very sad, but then I realised that I had the wrong username, and now I'm really happy and I'm celebrating this post and going through a bunch of old fandom things and generally missing Harry Potter fandom a lot. 

9th Aug, 2010

FFXIII - SnowHope

Final Fantasy XIII artdump

One of (probably) many artdumps I'll have just to get a bit more up to date here. I kind of really suck at updating my LiveJournal, but I'll give it another try. For now, have some FFXIII-art, because I have loads of it from when I was playing it (finished it now, though, and currently playing FFVIII, which I finally got my hands on!).

Pairing: Snow/Hope
Rating: PG
Notes: First FFXIII-fanart I ever did.

ConfessionCollapse )

Characters: Snow, Hope, Lightning, Fang, Vanille, Sazh
Rating: PG
Notes: Chibis, because I like them.

FFXIII chibifiedCollapse )

Pairing: Snow/Hope
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Boys kissign. Oh noes.

FeelCollapse )

Characters: Rygdea and Cid
Rating: PG
Notes: I was fascinated by their height difference, and had to draw it. This might be a bit exaggerated, though.

HeightCollapse )

Rating: PG
Notes: Moar chibi. 

On a lonely islandCollapse )

And this is only a bit of what I've got, guys. Probably won't post the rest here, though, for various reasons. Also, more to come of other fandoms and original art.

Meanwhile, I'd like to pimp ffxiii_kink , where I've written two fics (I'd like to keep them anonymous, though), and there's loads of wonderful prompts and fills. <3

3rd Feb, 2010

FFXII - GabranthLarsa - I Will Protect Y

FFXII fanfic - First Impression

For 10_prompts (Prompt table)
Title: First Impression
Author: xxaphaniax
Fandom: Final Fantasy XII
Prompt: Table 8:02 - First Impression
Character/Pairing: Gabranth/Larsa
Rating: PG
Word Count: 113
Summary: When Gabranth first met Larsa.
Authors Notes/Disclaimer:  I own neither Final Fantasy XII nor its characters. Square Enix does.

He had expected fear...Collapse )

2nd Dec, 2009


A published artist with a published friend

Since I've been horribly inactive on LiveJournal ever since school started, I figured I needed to post something again. I haven't had the time to draw much, but I did some fanart for a friend of mine's first published book (which can be bought here, for those of you who read norwegian), that I am a great fan of. This is one of two scenes from the prologue; I've started on the second one as well, but so far it's only a bit of sketching. Here's Lupus, one of the main characters, in a dark alley in the city of Barathrum.

Illustration for "In the Depth of a Ruin"Collapse )

I've also been published myself, actually. Not quite sure how I could forget that, but now that I remembered, I'll have to show it off a little. I was asked to do a tutorial on digital watercolours in Corel Painter for the official Painter Magazine, which was published November 30th, if I'm not mistaken. This is actually the first commission I've ever done, and it was really stressful, but I managed in the end. When I got my two copies of the magazine in the mail the other day... it was just such a wonderful feeling. I mean, this is (almost) what I want to do for a living, and to get such a chance almost out of nowhere at the age of nineteen... It's the kind of thing you don't say "no" to. Here's a little sneak peek of what the tutorial looks like.

Work with Digital Watercolours tutorialCollapse )

On a somewhat different subject, Christmas is coming closer, and with it comes the Holiday Exchanges. This year I'm participating in both hp_yule_balls and [info]harry_holidays. Not much more to say about that, really, only that I'm looking forward to every day, and it's lovely both to look for my own gift and to see what the others get. Not to mention finding new and interesting pairings to read/look at. Oh, and I'm knitting a Slytherin scarf as well. <3

I'm also working on two different film-project (one school-related, one not) at the moment, as well as my 10 (well, more 6-7) minutes-alone-on-the-stage-thingie, where I'm doing a dance and monologue as Ophelia in Shakespeare's Hamlet. In other words, loads of things to do at the moment.

24th Aug, 2009

Mucha - Medee

First days at Danvik FHS

New school, new classes, new people, new teachers, new everything. But it's great so far.

Cut for school, acting and photosCollapse )

12th Aug, 2009

FFXII - GabranthLarsa - I Will Protect Y

You I lean upon, you keep me strong

Gabranth/Larsa is still alive, peeps!

Originally, my next post was going to be Naruto-fanart. However, while looking for title-inspiration in music, I instead found inspiration for Gabranth/Larsa in the song "Always There" by Secret Garden.

LyricsCollapse )

It always feels good drawing them again, even after my two-year-long obsession with them (and FFXII in general, but mostly Gabranth and Larsa. And Fran, of course, even if I never drew her a lot). I still adore them, I just don't draw/write them as much anymore.

Pairing: Gabranth/Larsa
Rating: PG
Warnings: None

Keeping you closeCollapse )

I also have an older (though by no means old) drawing of them, so I figured I'd post that one as well.

Pairing: Gabranth/Larsa
Rating: PG
Warnings: None

Protecting youCollapse )

4th Aug, 2009

Rainbow Bracelet

Presenting myself, and Luna.

The ID I made for my LJ-profile, which I figured I might just post here in the journal as well, because I rather like it. And to continue my portraits of Harry Potter characters, I bring you Luna Lovegood. She may not have turned out as well as Harry and Draco did, and her neck is a bit too long as well. But. Luna. <3

ID also includes some HP. And FF. Actually, it's something I did because I always have so many ideas about what to do with the IDs I make, that I just decided to put it all together. And, yes, those are Draco- and Severus-dolls.

Xaphania is...Collapse )

 Luna Lovegood
Rating: PG
Warnings: None

Luna LovegoodCollapse )

3rd Aug, 2009

HP - Snaco - Hallway

You're afraid, Draco.

Fangirling and drawing ahoy!

But, really, every time I watch that scene, I squee a little more. What? This one, of course:

I pretty much know it by heart now. I. Just. Y'know... Draco.. Snape.. <3 And the fact that I am a huge Alan Rickman-fan doesn't exactly make it any worse.. or better, depending on how you look at it. The throwing-into-the-wall, the way they speak. I have pages of these, I could go on.

But I'll spare you. However, I bring chibis!

Pairing: Severus/Draco
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Draco is a slut

You know you like it, professor...Collapse )


17th Jul, 2009

HP - Snaco - Hallway

Draco, Draco and some more Draco

To summarize how I feel about the HbP-film just now: Fucked up storyline, overblown romance and OOCness, but on the other hand, loads of Draco.. and Severus. Of course, there were other good things about it, particularly one scene I liked, but I just can't seem to remember it.  like the Love potion. Oh Ron. <3

Cut for ranting and fangirling.Collapse )

10th Jul, 2009

HP - Draco

Really, now.

I have been inactive on LJ for way too long. This must be remedied. Until now I have pretty much only posted some fanfics and stuff, but, let's admit it, I'm not really a writer. God, I wish I was, particularly with all the ideas swimming around in my brain that I just can't write down probably (and also don't have the patience for). I am, however, an artist. I draw loads, both fanart and original, and why should I not post that here? And so here I am. I'll probably use this as a, you know, journal, as well, because that's what it is. But until I have something more interesting to say, I bring on the art.

Starting with HP-fanart, because now that the HbP-film is coming, I've gotten into quite the HP-mood. A weird interest in Bellatrix (although I hate her) made me realize I have several pairings I like but have never drawn. Therefore, I decided to draw them. I didn't realize until I had started colouring that all the m/m-ones were incestuous. Which is weird. But oh well. You have been warned.

Secondly, I have some older portraits of Harry and Draco. I am planning to draw more of the sort, but It'll take some time. Loads of time, probably. Aiit. On with the art.

Pairings: Regulus/Sirius, Fred/George, Luna/Ginny, Voldemort/Bellatrix, Rodolphus/Rabastan.
Rating: R.. probably. For the Rodolphus/Rabastan one.
Warnings: Slash, incest.

HP-pairingsCollapse )

Character: Harry Potter
Rating: G
Warnings: None

Harry PotterCollapse )

Character: Draco Malfoy
Rating: G
Warnings: None

Draco MalfoyCollapse )

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